Denver Broncos List Assessment: Top 5 Players to Stay, Trade or Cut

With the 2017 season well and truly over for the Denver Broncos we look at the entire roster and we select 5 players that John Elway Should Have Stay, 5 Players he should consider to trade and 5 players he needs to cut!


Von Miller 

This is a no brainer. Best impact player on the team, Miller is not going anywhere!

Demaryius Thomas

Thomas dead cap money will have him remain a Bronco in 2018. A big free agent Quarterback signing in the off-season, could what DT needs to re-rejuvenate his career after the loss of Manning.

Chris Harris

Pro Bowl calibre corner and younger than Talib. A major part of the no fly zone and at 28-years old has plenty of value still left in Denver.

Ron Leary

The type of offensive line the Denver Broncos desperately needed, injuries did hamper his first season in Denver. But,  “if we had 22 Leary’s we would be alright,”

Derek Wolfe

Heart and sole of the team. Tough, Tough footballer on the defensive line. This guy isn’t going anywhere.

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