Should Denver Broncos Trade Emmanuel Sanders??

It has been reported that the Denver Broncos coaching staff is becoming frustrated with Emmanuel Sanders and his current attitude this season and are understood prepared to move on from the Super Bowl and 2x Pro Ball receiver.

As things stand now, Sanders is under contract through 2019. But there are rumors questioning his desire to remain with the Broncos, and either trading or cutting him would clear a significant amount of cap space.

Sanders has a $10.938M 2018 cap hit consisting of $8.25M in non-guaranteed salary along with prorated signing bonus. If Sanders is cut or traded, the Broncos would save $8.25M in 2018 cash, and they would clear $5.562M (minus the cost of Sanders’ replacement) in 2018 cap space after accounting for dead money.

If the organization was to consider moving on from one of their two star wide-outs, it might make more sense to do so with Sanders as opposed to Demaryius Thomas.

Injuries and a lacking passing attack, can be contributed to the amount of targets and usage Sanders has received, as is much lower than usual. To put things into perspective, a year ago Sanders’ targets accounted for 24-percent of the passing game with Emmanuel hauling in 56-percent of those targets, now he’s only accounting for 18-percent of the offense and only bringing in 47 percent of his targets.

Given Sanders age and contract, it’s only natural for the Broncos to explore severing ties with one of its star receivers – NFL franchises are obliged to explore all avenues when rebuilding and if Broncos are serious in chasing a quarterback via free agency, John Elway will need to clear some much needed cap space if he wants to sign the likes of Kirk Cousins or Drew Brees.

Our Verdict: Sanders will be traded in the off-season as the team looks to rebuild.